About us

SOS. Grammatik promotes language learning through the EasyWay method, developed by its founder, Andrea von Ammon.
We teach German for all levels of proficiency.

Our pedagogical philosophy emphasizes oral mastery and exercises that provide grammar comprehension in a simple and playful way.

The course plan is designed according to the demand of each student, being possible classes in groups or individual, with flexible schedules.

If you want to learn quickly and lightly, come and meet S.O.S. Grammatik.


Born in São Paulo, Andrea von Ammon is a peculiar figure. Speaking as mother tongue German, Spanish and of course Portuguese. She lived in several countries and brings in her persona a little of each of these cultures.

Andrea von Ammon

After graduating from the Goethe Institut in São Paulo, she began her professional career as a teacher through Berliz for over 20 years, working in several companies such as IBM, Autolatina and Degussa.

Living in Spain, she worked as a teacher at Inlingua and in several public education institutions.

Sometimes in Berlin sometimes in Mallorca, she contributed in the translation of films and also as official translator of the European Union.
However, in recent times he has been mainly devoted to her passion in teaching.

Her young spirit combined with the vast experience culminated in the development of the Dynamic learning method – in which oral communication and language absorption are prioritized in a simple and relaxed way.

For 10 years she founded the S.O.S. Grammatik at the ACUD Arts Center in Berlin, where she promotes classes for small groups, individual attendance and workshops, since 2020 everthing online

With training in neurolinguistic programming, her approach in the classes goes through the most varied subjects, according to the demands presented by the students and companies where she coachse.

Regardless of your level, Andrea and her team are prepared to facilitate the development of your foreign language communication skills to achieve your goal.